SmartDM Scoreboard 105 - F3 toggle

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SmartDM Scoreboard 105 - F3 toggle

Postby Pileyrei » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:06 am

Hi all

Reinstalled SmartDM105 with the smart scoreboard but noticed it doesn't work straight away.

If you press F1 you get the normal scoreboard.
If you press F3 the smart DM scoreboard shows.

Is there a way to "force" the new scoreboard to show up when you press F1 or do you have to toggle it with F3?

Thanks and I hope this makes sense!


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Re: SmartDM Scoreboard 105 - F3 toggle

Postby Aldebaran » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:48 pm

I have similar problem with SmartCTF_4E.
SmartCTF_4DPlusPlus seems to work well, but SmartCTF_4E does not show his smarter scoreboard occasionally if pressing F3.
Perhaps it has to do with the screen resolution a player has?
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Re: SmartDM Scoreboard 105 - F3 toggle

Postby Qwerty » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:18 pm

this drives me mad as well! +1 on the smart ctf and smart DM not showing by default. This seems to effect all versions that I tested on our Sniper DM server
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Re: SmartDM Scoreboard 105 - F3 toggle

Postby ShaiHulud » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:30 pm

I made an attempt at working around this for SmartCTF, but wasn't entirely successful. The change that I made seems to increase the likelihood of SmartCTF appearing in place of the default scoreboard, but it isn't foolproof. So there's more to this than I realised. I left this note to myself in the Nexgen plugin that I put together to try and rationalize the changes that I'd made:

CONFUSION. My thought is this: the player might open the scoreboard before the server has had a chance to replicate the Level.Game.ScoreboardType class to the client (see PlayerPawn->PostBeginPlay where the ScoringType variable - which is replicated from the server - is assigned to the clientside PlayerPawn). So if that class is of a non-standard type (like SmartCTF), the wrong scoreboard will be spawned (see 1/3 of the way down-ish into the body of the PostRender function in the PostRender function for ChallengeHUD.uc).
If the player waits until replication is complete all should be well...

OK so far. But now the confusion. When processing reaches the line below in the scenario above, SB [a variable of type ScoreBoard] should be the Level.Game.ScoreboardType default scoreboard class - but even when this scenario IS true, a comparison against 'SmartCTFScoreBoard' returns true! With the standard scoreboard on screen! I could sort of understand it if the game-type standard scoreboard HAD been onscreen previously, but wasn't now, and that the SmartCTF class had since been assigned to the playerPawn ScoringType variable and that... er, somehow, a SmartCTF object had been spawned into the Scoring variable. But I don't get it at all how the test against 'SmartCTFScoreBoard' can return true while the game-type standard scoreboard is ON SCREEN! So I've no idea what to test reliably against here. And since I've lost patience with this, I'm just going to nuke whatever Scoring object is currently assigned and spawn a SmartCTF one. This seems to work, though can cause a brief flash as the screen repaints if the user is viewing the scoreboard when this re-assignment takes place.
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Re: SmartDM Scoreboard 105 - F3 toggle

Postby Aldebaran » Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:29 am


I made an interesting experience now. SmartCTF every time shows up here correctly his scoreboard as long as I used LAN speed setting in UT options. Then a few days ago I changed this setting to Cable/DSL speed which means netspeed 10000 instead of 20000 and now the SmartCTF scoreboard was not showing correctly after server join. So this issue has probably to do with netspeed.
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