Suggestion: A Mutator that blacklists/reduces details

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Suggestion: A Mutator that blacklists/reduces details

Post by UTNerd24 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:33 am

Now before you tell me, YES. I am aware that High Detail actors technically applies to this sort of thing, but hear me out.
I was wondering if its possible to make some sort of mutator/tool that can reduce the lifespan of SELECTED decals rather than having to turn them all off entirely. What I plan to do with such a script is forcibly destroy impact decals after, say, 15 seconds, and allow gore decals to remain their normal length. I have attempted to replicate the above through an exec, but to no avail, as it seems to only effect the properties of what is currently rendered, rather than applying them for the duration of the session. It would make the aftermath of something like the Cluster Redeemer less of an eyesore (The blast decals, I mean. The actual explosion is beautiful)
So... is that even possible?
Damn that was fun.

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Re: Suggestion: A Mutator that blacklists/reduces details

Post by Feralidragon » Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:47 pm

Yes, it's possible.

You would need to build a mutator to run client-side only, and from there all you would need to do is to either iterate through all decals every once in a way (once every second for example) to check them, or to try to assign them a lifespan once they spawn through a SpawnNotify actor.
There's a mutator somewhere which forces decals to last forever, and it may be what you want to look for code-wise to do this (I never saw the code myself, so I cannot attest on its quality though).

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Re: Suggestion: A Mutator that blacklists/reduces details

Post by UTNerd24 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 3:07 pm

Thanks for the feedback, Ferali.
To compensate, I made my own Exec file that seems to work just fine.
But if you wanna nitpick, heres the code:

Code: Select all

set spritesmokepuff lifespan 0.0001
set ut_spritesmokepuff lifespan 0.0001
set exuutspritesmokepuff lifespan 0.0001
set ut_blacksmoke lifespan 0.0001
set blacksmoke lifespan 0.0001
set utsmoketrail lifespan 0.0001
set lightsmoketrail lifespan 0.0001
set shitblob lifespan 0.0001
set exugreenblob lifespan 0.0001
set artilleryrockbit lifespan 0.0001
set laserspherefragment lifespan 0.0001
set hellfighterfragment lifespan 0.0001
set horsefly lifespan 0.0001
set horseflyswarm lifespan 0.0001
set biterfish lifespan 0.0001
set biterfishschool lifespan 0.0001
set xqsm6 lifespan 0.0001
set xqsm6d lifespan 0.0001
set xnailproj lodbias 6.00
set xsparky lifespan 0.0001
set xaurala damage 18
set xauralb damage 85
set xqsm6_s lifespan 0.0001
set Xhandball2 damage 18
set ut_greengelpuff numblobs 0
set xsmilebomb damage 55
set xtitaniumblade damage 99
set threehundredthpawn bunlit true
set chip lifespan 0.0001
set ut_spark lifespan 0.5
set ut_sparks lifespan 0.5
set impacthole lifespan 5.0
set wallcrack lifespan 5.0
set rippermark lifespan 4.0
set pock lifespan 5.0
set nuclearmark lifespan 15.0
set energyimpact lifespan 4.0
set blastmark lifespan 4.0
set biomark lifespan 3.0
set bigenergyimpact lifespan 5.0
set boltscorch lifespan 2.0
set xredflame lifespan 1.00
set xhandmark1 lifespan 3.0
set xhandmark2 lifespan 3.0
set xshoopscorch lifespan 2.0
set rail2proj lightradius 3
set fs2flakoverlay lightradius 1
set sphlghproj1 lighttype lt_none
set toastmark lifespan 5.0
set alttoastmark lifespan 5.0
set carrotblastmark lifespan 5.0
set ffblastmark lifespan 5.0
set beansplat lifespan 5.0
set hakapock lifespan 5.0
set plumsplat lifespan 5.0
set pnutsplat lifespan 5.0
set redmark lifespan 5.0
set xeopsrifle ammoname bulletbox
set chain_projchip lifespan 0.0001
set chain_altprojbullet damage 30
set directionalblast lifespan 4.0
set buster_projtrail lifespan 0.0001
set buster_Projlongtrail lifespan 0.0001
set buster_proj style sty_normal
set buster_projchip lifespan 0.0001
set buster_projchips lifespan 0.0001
set prisma_altproj damage 70
set greenblob lifespan 0.0001
set buster_altprojtrail lifespan 0.2
set exudammo1splash lighttype lt_none
set exudammo2splash lighttype lt_none
set exudammo3splash lighttype lt_none
set exudammo4splash lighttype lt_none
set exudammo5splash lighttype lt_none
set exudammo1s lighttype lt_none
set exudammo2s lighttype lt_none
set exudammo3s lighttype lt_none
set exudammo4s lighttype lt_none
set exudammo5s lighttype lt_none
set redlasersplode lighttype lt_none
set carifle pickupmessageclass pickupmessageplus
set upackrocketmark lifespan 4.0
set grenadelauncher pickupmessageclass pickupmessageplus
set rocketlauncher pickupmessageclass pickupmessageplus
Damn that was fun.

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