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Post by pingipongi » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:11 pm

I was looking for a mutator and CPan was kind enough to write it for me.I figured i would post it maybe it will be useful for others too.
Written by Christopher "CPanoplyd" Doyle

This program is free software; you can redistribute and/or modify it under the
terms of the Open Unreal Mod License version 1.1 and is provided AS IS with
Source Code for modification.

MutSelfDamage is a Damage Mutator that allows for the modification of the amount of
Damage is self inflicted from the Impact Hammer or Rocket Launcher for both Normal
and ALT Fire.

[=====------····················Installation Steps·····················------=====]
1. Regular Installation
2. Edit Unrealtournament.ini or Server.INI
3. Set Variables for Mutator Configuration
4. Restart Server

[=====------···················Regular Installation···················------=====]
1. Copy Files:
copy .u files into the System Folder
copy .int file into the System Folder
copy .ini file into System Folder

::::If your server uses a redirect server::::
copy .uz file into the redirect folder

[=====------·············Edit UnrealTournament/Server.ini··············------=====]
2a. Edit UnrealTournament.ini or Server.ini (herein referenced as INI:

Backup current INI to quickly revert back if any errors occur

Open the INI

Find the [Engine.GameEngine] section

Append the following to the Server Packages list: ServerPackages=MutSelfDamage

Save the updated INI to be uploaded to the server in Step 4 below

2b. Edit the MutSelfDamage.ini:

ImpactHammerDamage ==>> Is the FLOAT Variable that determines the amount of
self-inflicted damage given to a player using the
Impact Hammer Fire and Alt Fire.

RocketDamage ==>> Is the FLOAT Variable that determines the amount of
self-inflicted damage given to a player using the
Rocket Launcher (UT_Eightball) Fire and Alt Fire.

NOTE:: These Float Variables are coded with a MAX() Function. It will always return
the value that is GREATER than zero. Anything negative will result in granting
the player POSITIVE HEALTH for self harm. Positive reward from self harm is a bad
thing in game AND in LIFE...
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Re: MutSelfDamage

Post by CPan » Sun Mar 03, 2019 3:36 pm

Just came here to do the same.

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