Tentacle monster - need Mutator

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Tentacle monster - need Mutator

Post by norocel » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:58 am

Hello all,

I play lot UT with the U1 monsters/weapons in DM maps. It's my main reason to play UT.
I'd like to see if someone know how use the Tentacle monster, but not using the MonsterSpawn mutator(I'll explain why).
Why Tentacle? I think is a unique monster that fits very well in any U1 monster fight. But because it's stationary and because it should be modified to spawn on the ceiling, usually the mutators dont use/handle it.
-MonsterMadness mutator just don't use it.
-SwarmSpawn mutator can spawn it, but it's not fixed to be able to spawn on the ceiling.
-only the MonsterSpawn mutator can spawn it in maps and usualy spawn it on the ceilings (but sometimes not on valid/rightful places, on air - very high - maybe because of the maps construction).

I don't like to use the MonsterSpawn because:
-the sound and visual effects when a monster is created/destructed cannot be toggled off.
-the way the monsters are spawned is not the best(in my opinion): they all spawn in the same time, and does not (truly)respawn each after his death(in MonsterMadness each of them respawns instantly like players/bots, and in SwarmSpawn each of them respawns after a configurable delay which is great). Contrary, in MonsterSpawn, they all re-created the same time after a configurable delay(like a new wave) but the mutator destroys all remnants, which means either you run out of monsters to fight with until a new "wave" is spawned, either the remnants are destroyed and simply disapears in front of you(!) - it depends on how long is set the delay, default is 6 min.

That's why I need some help or ideas in one of the following:
-it's possible to modify the MonsterSpawn mutator? The author(Asgard) site does not have a contact.
-there may be another mutator for that, or a mini-mutator to correctly spawn the Tentacle on ceiling, to use it along with the excellent SwarmSpawn?

thanks for any help or ideas.

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Re: Tentacle monster - need Mutator

Post by OjitroC » Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:16 pm

This probably won't help you any but one approach is to move away from the idea that tentacles HAVE to spawn on the ceiling - I use MrLoathsome's excellent UTent_Beta4 and these are designed to, and do, spawn on the ground. They come with a number of different skins and you can, should you so desire, modify the projectiles and other variables so that they represent much more of a challenge than the basic Unreal tentacle.

As regards your problems with MonsterSpawn, my response to running out of monsters to fight is to increase the number spawned and/or decrease the time between waves, though this requires careful balancing to work well on a range of maps. I use MonsterSpawn a lot and enjoy it but I can see why it does not really suit what you want.