Mutator "Gift From Decoration" for MonsterHunt

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Re: Mutator "Gift From Decoration" for MonsterHunt

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I know about this "feature". Already investigate that. IIRC, it specific to your server and caused by fact spawn new copy of weapon on pickup or throw (not remember details) instead of direct usage it. For normal usage all goes ok.
But you spawn copy of weapon and destroy old.

It be long time ago, so I not remember details.   
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Ah. now I remember. It be part of code about death. On death you spawn copy of inventory, instead of drop exists weapons. Obviously this lead to destroy link to InventoryDestroyer. So weapon goes be permanent now.
Unfortunately there nothing what I can do with that.   
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Look at bDropWeaponsOnDeath, DiscardInventory and DropWeapon. Last one spawn permanent copy.

I can suggest you few solutions.
1. Drop real weapon, not copy.
2. Drop copy only of real weapon, not for gifted.
3. Drop copy for all weapons, but for gifted search and replace link to it in InventoryDestroyer.
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Re: Mutator "Gift From Decoration" for MonsterHunt

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Ah, never touched that part of code. I suppose that function DropWeapon() was introduced because with the stock code only the current holding weapon is dropped. BTW that function can be found in some game controllers of MonsterHunt packages like in KHMBase.uc, MH2Base.uc, KHMBase.uc.

It's now fixed by dropping original weapon in my game controller.
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