Old Skool crashing on custom maps

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Old Skool crashing on custom maps

Post by Old UT Veteran » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:56 pm

I recently downloaded a sp map and after clicking on the "Custom Maps" tab while using the OldSkool menu, I get this crash. I'm assuming it can't find or create a custom map list.
I've re-downloaded and re-installed the mods and its files, but same crash - maybe something wrong with my UT build? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Old Skool crashing on custom maps

Post by OjitroC » Sun Oct 04, 2020 11:14 pm

I'm using 469a and this is the first time I've run OldSkool in it. I just tried to replicate your error and I got a similar crash
Critical: appError called:
Critical: OldSkoolmapsClientWindow Transient.OldSkoolmapsClientWindow0 (Function olroot.OldSkoolmapsClientWindow.IterateMapsQuick:03A2) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)
Critical: Windows GetLastError: Not enough memory. (8)
Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
Exit: UGalaxyAudioSubsystem::ShutdownAfterError
Log: DirectDraw End Mode
Exit: UD3D9RenderDevice::ShutdownAfterError
Critical: FFrame::Serialize
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolmapsClientWindow0 olroot.OldSkoolmapsClientWindow.IterateMapsQuick)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolmapsClientWindow0 olroot.OldSkoolmapsClientWindow.Created)
Critical: (Transient.UWindowHSplitter4 UWindow.UWindowWindow.CreateWindow)
Critical: (Transient.oldskoolnewgameclientwindow0 olroot.oldskoolnewgameclientwindow.Created)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolNewgamewindow0 UWindow.UWindowWindow.CreateWindow)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolNewgamewindow0 UWindow.UWindowFramedWindow.Created)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolNewgamewindow0 olroot.OldSkoolNewgamewindow.Created)
Critical: (Transient.oldskoolRootwindow0 UWindow.UWindowWindow.CreateWindow)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolGameMenu0 olroot.OldSkoolGameMenu.ExecuteItem)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolGameMenu0 UWindow.UWindowPulldownMenu.LMouseUp)
Critical: (Transient.OldSkoolGameMenu0 UWindow.UWindowWindow.WindowEvent)
Critical: (Transient.oldskoolRootwindow0 UWindow.UWindowWindow.MessageClients)
Critical: (Transient.oldskoolRootwindow0 UWindow.UWindowWindow.WindowEvent)
Critical: (Transient.oldskoolRootwindow0 UWindow.UWindowRootWindow.WindowEvent)
Critical: (Transient.UTConsole0 UWindow.WindowConsole.UWindow.KeyEvent)
Critical: UObject::ProcessEvent
Critical: (UTConsole Transient.UTConsole0, Function UTMenu.UTConsole.UWindow.KeyEvent)
Critical: UEngine::InputEvent
Critical: UWindowsViewport::CauseInputEvent
Critical: UWindowsViewport::ViewportWndProc (Message=WM_LBUTTONUP)
Critical: MessagePump
Critical: MainLoop
Exit: Exiting.
From the log it looks like UT goes through all map folders trying to create the map list and it does this several times.

One thing to try - with OldSkool enabled, in the UT menu go to Options -> Configure OldSkool -> Options and make sure the Use Quickmap box is unchecked. This will stop it caching and it will load the list of custom maps from your folder (I think) - it stops it caching anyway and should prevent the crash.

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Re: Old Skool crashing on custom maps

Post by Old UT Veteran » Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:36 am

Nice catch, I was about to edit my post. I noticed that in the configuration file but I never recalled modifying any settings anyways.
I might've had an older version installed previously, with that option disabled. Props. :wink: