[Request] Spectator String Messages Enhancement

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[Request] Spectator String Messages Enhancement

Post by Chamberly » Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:30 am

Intro: Hi, I'm posting for batonix as which I think he has been, or other (twitch streamer too), posting for years asking for this stuff. With this post being here, I hope to gain some attention of anyone who are willing to do this.
The idea here is that we want to make a standalone mod without using the dependency of other like newnet and such. While other mod like newnet display a few of these things, there are several server admins that do not want to use newnet and want to use a standalone for these enhancement instead.

Project: To add some enhancement and special strings available to spectator view. A single server-side mod.
Not sure if anyone know for sure about making this for client-only without ACE kicks. But making a client side mod will be good too for demo replay!

What does this include:
  • View the player's name to be a bit more larger and easier to see with some black outline around the name.
    Example, excuse my bad quality here.
    The dark player name can be viewed as usual,
    The player name in the light can be easily seen with the dark outline around it.
  • See the player's death and spree messages such as headshot, double, multi, ultra, monster kill messages as well as all the sprees (killing spree, rampage, domination, unstoppable, godlike).

While by default servers do not have these extra's it would be a nice add-on mod. It can be a great project for anyone wishing to add to Github as well, and anyone can push positive changes to that too.
If you have any question regarding this, please post.
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