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Reduce lags from bpak.bbio make it acceptable.


or add as mutator BBioFix.BBioFix

Main lags caused by big count spawned actors.
Originally one shot able produce more then 1400 new actors.
So even if you not see this, server slow down.

I able make with original bio ping from 35 to 3500 or even more.
With fixed version hardly reach ping 300.

Fixed version not only replace classes (this not enough), but also reduce count of this bio gel parts. Now it max 245 instead of max 735.

Replace classes need for avoid pointless calls to TakeDamage for BBioGel (empty body) and BioFear (return if not pawn).
Original one shot produce 180000 such calls if you shot in small space. If space very small it can be bigger. up to 382000 calls.
Note: Mutator targeted to servers, so can be changed without change package name. So better not install it on clients for avoid packet mismatch for old clients.
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