Parkour - 2k4 Movement

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Parkour - 2k4 Movement

Post by jomn »

I fixed the wall dodge and double jump in 2k4 Movement ... a6e93.html
and added a wall jump so the player can perfrom something like this i saw a much more impressive video once, but can't find it :noidea

Credits go to Mr. Mitchell for his work for the 2k4 Movement mutator and the unknown author of WallDodge UT, without it i wouldn't have done it.

One can also jump up a steep ramp, the possible achieved height depends on the initial velocity. Going horizontal is also possible. The speed gain depends on movement/view direction. The direction of the wall jump also depends on the view direction, so its a bit tricky.

I made a short demo map. Try to get all vials!

-Since the jump boots are removed from the inventory when you land, they can be exploited by continuos wall dodges.
-should i add more grunting when perfrorming a jump :?:
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Re: Parkour - 2k4 Movement

Post by papercoffee »

This is not for UT99?
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Re: Parkour - 2k4 Movement

Post by EvilGrins »

papercoffee wrote: Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:20 am This is not for UT99?
Haven't tried it myself, as it doesn't interest me, but if I'm reading this right it is for ut99. Incorporating movements from ut2004 into ut99.

Though, i could be wrong.
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