FixCTFFlag mutator

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FixCTFFlag mutator

Post by Buggie »

Tiny and easy mutator.
Periodically check all flagbases and if flag from corresponding team destroyed - make new one.

As result:
- Lost flag in CloudZone.not able anymore break CTF game.

Mutator targeted only to servers less from v469b. Since v469b already use such fix.

Add to mutator list FixCTFFlag.FixCTFFlag (or to ServerActors - preferred way)

Not need add it into ServerPackages.
Known issues:
In fact after destroy flag it must report about return flag to base, but somehow this not happen, so it return to base silently, without message. Not figure out why yet.
UPD: locally it report. so possible more net bug or at all related to specific game controller.
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