Multiple Weapon Mutators?

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Multiple Weapon Mutators?

Post by WOPR »

Got another server admin n00b question....

Why is it that I can't seem to get multiple weapon mutators to work at the same time? I've played on other peoples servers online that have multiple non-standard weapons on the map, so I was assuming the way they did that was they had multiple mutators.

What happens when I do it, is I add lets say 2 (Binslayer and Blossomatic) but only the blossomatic will be in the game...I did add the necessary ServerPackages= lines in the .ini for both mutators.....when I check my web admin page for the server there is indeed only blossomatic listed...if I add binslayer again via the web interface when I refresh the mutator page it's back to only blossomatic there something else I have to do to make this work?

Maybe the online maps I've played were built custom that way?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Multiple Weapon Mutators?

Post by Feralidragon »

Don't worry, it's not a server problem, and to prove it, just try using those mutators on a offline practise session, and you will see that that problem remains.

I don't know much about those mutators, but the cause is simple I guess: a mutator blocks the other.

You might have the mutators list ordered by this way:
- Binslayer
- Blossomatic

So, Binslayer is activated, but Blossomatic is activated and replaces Binslayer, something like that. I don't know Blossomatic, does it replace the same weapons that Binslayer does?
If so, this is the problem, maybe you have to download a mutator, or make a new one which supports both mutators (more especifically both weapons), to have multiple weapons which replaces the same standard one.
For example, Chaos UT has this type of mutators, as the Redeemer is replaced by 2 or 3 types of different weapons, but don't use it, it is just for Chaos UT.

So, yes, those servers (specially clan ones) might have custom mutators which supports both weapons I guess.

I think I didn't helped much, but this is the ideia.
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Re: Multiple Weapon Mutators?

Post by [JAG]Teabag »

Old post i know, im just looking through the forum,

Using MapvoteLA13 might solve your problem and load them as different game types.
i dont know these muts you mention but its worth a try in your own game to find out.