Mapvote304 Not Work

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Mapvote304 Not Work

Post by ASLY » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:00 am

Someone tips, whats that? :shock: (Practice Session)

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Re: Mapvote304 Not Work

Post by ChanClan » Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:32 am

check your setup.. the Mapvote304.ini should have been created... also the position of the serverpackages= enty sometime's makes a difference.. I always place the mapvote LAST in my package list.

check this link.

You have to have one of your "classes" enabled.. post your ini or check the settings..



Re: Mapvote304 Not Work

Post by ASLY » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:33 am

Thanks, but now see I lost my Mapvote304.ini dont know how lol :mrgreen:

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Re: Mapvote304 Not Work

Post by ChanClan » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:28 pm

My bad, apparently there is NO ini file for this mapvote version.. perhaps this will help...

Installation Instruction
Place in the \UnrealTournament\System directory.
Place BDBMapVote304.u in the \UnrealTournament\System directory.
***Note: this if very important, it will not work without this.
Add "ServerPackages=BDBMapVote304" to the \UnrealTournament\system\UnrealTournament.ini file under the "[Engine.GameEngine]" section.
Other files: - this is the compressed version for servers that have redirected downloads enabled.
ServerInfo.htm - this is an example server information file for the Welcome Window
Upgrading To Keep you existing MapVote configuration settings follow these steps:
Note: * is a wildcard in the following lines.

Server.bat - change mutator=BDBMapVote3*.BDBMapVote* to BDBMapVote304.BDBMapVote

UnrealTournament.ini - change "[BDBMapVote3*.BDBMapVote*]" to "[BDBMapVote304.BDBMapVote]"
- change "MapVoteHistoryType=BDBMapVote*.MapVoteHistory1" to

MapVoteHistory1.ini - Change [BDBMapVote3*.MapVoteHistory1] to
Server Setup
Set the settings that you want for each game type using the normal UT menus or edit the UnrealTournament.ini file.
For example set the number of frags in deathmatch before the match ends and then change to CTF and change the number of flag capture's before the match ends. Close the Multiplayer window to save the settings.
Select any mutators that you want plus the "Map-Vote" mutator.
Start the game. (see dedicated server setup below for dedicated servers)
Configuration There are two ways to configure Map Vote on a server. Configuration Methods: (choose one and only one) Note: There is No MOD menu configuration menu with version 3.
Open the UnrealTournament.ini file, located in the \UnrealTournament\System directory, with any text editor.
Modify the values for each configuration setting.
Example UnrealTournament.ini file contents (Note: DO NOT add this to your ini file):
bAutoDetect=True <= used this to automatically set the gametype to what ever gametype the server was
started with
bDM=False <= Load DeathMatch maps only
bLMS=False <= Load Last Man Standing Maps (DM-* , shows in list as LMS-*)
bTDM=False <= Load Team Death Match Maps
bDOM=False <= Load Domination maps
bCTF=False <= Load CTF maps
bAS=False <= Load Assault Maps
bOther=False <= Load the specified Custom MOD (use this for Mods like RocketArena, UnF, etc...
OtherClass= <= This would be the Package name and the Class name of the MOD.
Example "SFGame.SFDM" for StrikeForce.
PreFixSwap= <= This can be used to change the way the map names show for the OtherGame type.
This swapps the map name prefix of the maps to this value.
bSortWithPreFix=True <= Set to True to sort the map list with the mapname prefix (this is faster) or
Set to False to sort the map list with out the mapname prefix (much slower loading).
VoteTimeLimit=50 <= Number of seconds to allow for voting at the end of the game.
After this time is expired a map switch is forced.
KickPercent=51 <= The percentage of Player votes that are required to kick someone
bUseMapList=False <= If True it will use the default MapList for the gametype to load the map names from,
if False it will load all maps for the game type
ScoreBoardDelay=6 <= Number of seconds to show the Score board at the end of the game before opening
the mapvote windows
bAutoOpen=True <= if True it will automatically open the MapVote windows at the end of the game.
If false the server will just travel to the next map in the cycle
bKickVote=True <= If true players can place votes against other players to kick them
bCheckOtherGameTie=True <= For MODs there is no way for MapVote to know if there can be Sudden Death Overtime
when there is a tie game. If there is a tie and the game goes into Overtime MapVote
might think it is the end of the game and open the windows.
RepeatLimit=4 <= This will cause MapVote to disable (shows in red) the last 4 maps that were played
from the list of maps that you can vote for.
MapVoteHistoryType=BDBMapVote304.MapVoteHistory1 <= This points to the MapVoteHistory code.
Read the MapVote History section.
MidGameVotePercent=75 <= This is the percentage of players that must place votes to initiate a Mid Game vote.
Mode=Majority <= This is the voting mode that effects how many votes each player gets.
See documentation or Admin window for possible values.
MinMapCount=1 <= This is for Elimination Mode only. In Elimation mode maps are removed from the list
after being played. When the map list count reaches this limit, it will reload the
list with all available maps. <= this is the Web site URL to use in the Welcome
window (see doc) Leave this blank if you are not goint to use this option.
(Note: This URL is an example only. Please do not point your server at this URL.) <= This is the web site url to look for Map Information (see doc)
Leave this blank if you are not going to use this option.
MapPreFixOverRide= <= This can be used for the Other game types (MODs) only.
It allows you to specify a different Map Prefix. eg. "DM-", "CTF-"
AccName[0]= <= Dont mess with these Acc settings. They are used to store player names and vote
counts when Accumulation Mode is enabled.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ <= Same as above.
HasStartWindow=Auto <= This is only for the Other Game types (Mods). It indicates if the Mod has a
Starting window or not. For Example, Unreal Fortress has a starting window.
Valide valuse are - Yes, No, or Auto.
bEntryWindows=True <= If you set this to false it will not open the Welcome Window or the KeyBinder
window when a player joins the server.
MsgTimeOut=30 <= This changes the amount of time that messages stay on the HUD,
This is Client Side only and is not dictated by the server.
bLoadScreenShot=True <= If True it shows the screen shot of the map when it is selected, if false it does not.
This is a Client side only setting.
bDebugMode=False <= Dont mess with this unless I tell you too. It is used for debugging problems.
If you set this to True it will increase the size of your log file.

The above section will not be present in you ini file until you run UT with MapVote.
If you perfer you can copy & paste the following to your ini file.
MapVote INI file configuration settings reference.