Anti-mutator ?

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Re: Anti-mutator ?

Post by Red_Fist » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:55 pm

Ya but I am making a map ,lets say really hard for a lone player, but online I want it too be even harder, more pawns, more ammo, etc etc.

So if i make the level just right, online it will be too easy.
If i make it too difficult, it will only be good for online.

Then along comes some server dude, that takes my level that plays just right and adds redeemers for every weapon , or whatever, then the playing is pointless,
The things i don't know, and speaking of MH, I never got into those filters, or how you make it add more for "coop" so it can be done somehow, and never learned how, and I don't know if those settings apply to MH maps.

This is not the protection issue, it would be the same if you played half life or quake, right when you open the box you go online to look for cheats, and play the brand new game in godmode.THAT is what you want ? because those mutators totally throws the whole game off.I would just make two copies of the map.

So what is a resolution, I don't hate mutators but it would be nice as the creator to have some control or new games may as well have all the ways too cheat on the front page of the manual.You must see my point on this, so the only resolution is to make two maps and pack them in the zip.Not everyone wants 500 regenerating heaths, and pawns with 1 million hit points and unlimited ammo, low grav, and ultra spam thing factories.
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Re: Anti-mutator ?

Post by AlCapowned » Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:28 pm

I was only replying to gopostal. There's nothing wrong with your solution of releasing 2 versions.