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Edit:Ambient & Gore.

Post by UTX » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:54 am

In case you saw this post previously, it is now re-worked, I managed to make it work much better.
I also renamed the package as there could easily be other packages called X around, did the same with the configurable variables so they are more easily understandable this time in case people do not read the instructions file or forget about it.

If you are one of the few people that downloaded the previous pack, please make sure to delete X.int, X.u and X.ini from your system folder as the new package will be named UTX and any future instalments and upgrades will be called the same way to avoid duplicates.
These are just two mutators I made while working on a weapons replacement pack, it is what I am going for but I am also going to be releasing some other stuff along with it as well as its updates, they will all work on the same package so if you got one, you got them all and also updating it would be just a matter of dragging files to your system folder.

Here I present the Ambient mutator and the Gore mutator.
The Ambient mutator allows you to customize both the gravity and the lighning in the level to set it up to whatever you want it to be, it even has a party mode option. I am currently doing some research to see how to change the map's music and perhaps I will even take a look at the fog settings I saw in Unreal Ed, though I read most people never ever use fog.

The other mutator is the Gore mutator, all it does is blow up corpses. It is part of another mutator I'm working on, called Starvation, but I liked it so I made it a separate mutator to be used without Starvation. You should set up a match with it as well as FeraliDragon's Ultra Gore if you like people blown the 3$%& up.

In case you're wondering, Starvation will be a new game mode, inside a mutator and not an actual new game type, that will "starve" players to death, making them thin with time and ultimately killing them. However, players can survive by eating gibs, so they much be blowing up corpses quite often.
I will have a couple of options as I like doing on my work to allow users to play it as they would like. The current options I have in mind are the Instant Gib which is the Gore mutator called inside the Starvation code to speed up the eating process, not to be confused with the usual InstaGib, the Big option which will spawn players a little chubby so they survive longer, a thin rate to determine how fast players starve to death and an option to select wheter or not players can even eat gibs, if this is off then people will be starving often.

Those are just two mutators to release and another one I'm telling you about but I have many more ideas and more content coming up.
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Re: Dark Match & Gore.

Post by Dr.Flay » Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:48 am

Nice ideas.
The only mutator I have used for UT that lets you tweak the lighting was the early versions of the TWT_Zombies mod.
The normal option we always get is on or off, so I heartily approve of this.
I am very aware of mood while editing and playing, so I can imagine using this often.

I suggest you name it something that is not already a game mode to save confusion.
Dark Match Plus, Darker Match, Darkish Match, The Darkening....

You can add to the int file, something similar to this;

Code: Select all

Preferences=(Caption="Mutators",Parent="Advanced Options")
Note: Editing the configs via the menu or advanced options (Type "preferences" in the console) will remove all the remarks in the same line.
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Re: Dark Match & Gore.

Post by UTX » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:43 am

You're right, Doctor.
I will make sure to give it a proper name once I add the other details I mentioned. And thank you, I did not know how to add the setting to advanced options, I will include that as well.