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Re: Crossbow.

Post by Gustavo6046 »

Well, I could help with modelling. I'm good at Blender! :)
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Re: Crossbow.

Post by JackGriffin »

UTX wrote: I already thought about the Arrow types, with some help from OjitroC here, you will see. ;)
A ton of what you want to do you can rip from FoodFight. The flames there would make your arrows pretty deadly. Someone is hiding behind trees or boxes? Light them on fire and smoke them out. I have some really good freezing stuff from the INIDragons too if you want that. Same with the repulsing, the wind dragon does that. Instead of scaling the pawn size (which can lead to collision problems) perhaps you could do a fatboy/skinnyboy and make them run/jump slower or faster. Really fat dude could run pretty slow while playing a "huff puff" sound (like your typical American). You might also use the brocconade code from FF for the explosion arrows. The code would allow you to shoot the arrow, let it embed into the wall, start glowing red with a building sound, then -BOOM-.

How about a magnetic arrow that pulls pawns into it? You could short-term entrap players to a spot. Drag them into lava, stuff like that.
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Re: Crossbow.

Post by UTX »

Well, thank you very much Jack, I already checked some things around, looking for hidden nutrients, I'm sure it will be very helpful. As usual, I am also using Nali Weapons III resources so things should be nice in the end.
I did think about making players fatter rather than increase their size, I don't mess with those things. The Brocconade code will be helpful for the delayed explosion arrows, the normal explosion arrows will probable be the same as the older Chaos UT Explosive Arrows.
Magnetic arrows, huh? I was thinking about electrified arrows, maybe something like that could be added to it, electromagnetism.