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bits and pieces

Post by rjmno1 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:24 pm

Got some bits and pieces tested out, i,m talking about a second hand pc system.
owned by myself:
A Pentium celeron motherboard.
a Pentium celeron processor
A 80 gb harddisk with windows xp onit.
And 2 gb kingston memmory tested on this motherboard (it worked).
With all these pieces i,m trying to build a computer.
What i realy missed till so far is a good case and a good power supplie.Yesterday tested and look if the system is good.
I did a litle test with pulling out the batterie out of the system and put the power on so iu did a bios reset.
In the first place the mouse and the keabord he did not find ,but after the bios reset the plug and play did find the mouse and the keyboard.
Al with all its a good configuration, maby i shoud install windows 10 or windows 7 on this new second hand configuration.
Yesterday i did found a few websites who has refurbisch material.
Whenever ill have the time i will work on it.


and a oem harddrive and a oem dvd writer.

I,m making this system only for the hobby.
this motherboard does support a agp videocard!lol :loool:

Mine goal; is to make a retro system with a 3dfx 5500 videocard in it.
And then for the future i will install ut 99 on that system to look how the glide api will work on the voodoo videocard.
As the voodoo cards went out between 1996 and 2000 the 3dfx ones they where at that time very fast and good videocards.
Please if someone has that videocard please post me a message i will, pay for it.
In the meantime i will take a closer look on the internet,also by the refurbisch websites and also calling for that card.

those cards look like this:
unreal tournament 99

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