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Postby rjmno1 » Thu May 26, 2016 3:28 pm

wich hardware do you have and where do you used for it?

    i have a old vintage system and i use only oldskool gaming.
    1 i have a playstation 3 and buy games from the store and i,m very happy with it.
    2 I have a xbox and play games on the xbox console only.
    3 I have a highend computer connected to the internet and do all kind of games i edit alot with the ut 99 editor and often at least 1 day in the week ill go 4 online for seeking news over the internet.
    4 I have the latest playstation 4 and play highend games over the internet, and buy on regular base games from the store.
    5 I waith till playstation 4.5 comes out with full virtual realty support.
    6 Ill have several consoles ,i have a personal computer also and i,m Always online withn the console or personal computer.

The question is wich system do you use for what purpose?
Maby you use several system to forfill you needs.
How much are you online during 1 day or one week?
And with wich system are you online and how long during 1 day or 1 week?

much regardz:rjmno1
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