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Re: Britain leaves the European Union

Postby KingJosh » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:41 pm

Dr.Flay wrote::omfg: Right now I am convinced I am surrounded by xenophobic idiots.
I have even considered changing my nationality and burning my British passport.

I have never felt "English". I just put up with them as my neighbours.
I am born Cornish but of 2 Viking bloodlines, I have always felt as European as I am British.

I think Jamaica is my spiritual home now.
I want to sit on a hill with a big jug of rum, and smoke until I can't even talk.

The crazy people on the news are even talking about a performing idiot (Boris Johnson) becoming the next Prime Minister :nonono:
Actually I just remembered I live in a house with weaponry :idea:
I may just go and see how life feels while I have the barrel of a revolver in my mouth :sad2: (just kidding)

To finish, I apologise for the stupidity the British are about to unleash, and the damage it will do to Europe as other countries use this as an excuse to leave.
It will split your countries and political parties, and create hatred where once there was peace.
I am ashamed of my country.

Hey Dr FLay,

Been a long time since I talked to you friend. As a typical American I am not overly educated in the intricate details of the EU, and mostly only study USA related laws etc. Although from what I understand it might not be all bad. It will probably have a negative economical impact at the current moment, but the positives might outweigh the negatives in the long run. Your country will save some money because it wont have to contribute to the EU budget anymore. You also have some more freedoms to establish your own trade agreements. Your country will also have better direct control of immigration so no more open border better might result in better security. Although the immediate effects will probably result in job loss :(
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Re: Britain leaves the European Union

Postby Hellkeeper » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:56 pm

KingJosh wrote:Your country will also have better direct control of immigration so no more open border better might result in better security. Although the immediate effects will probably result in job loss :(

That's an illusion. As of now, the border between France and the UK has been agreed to be on the french side of the channel, meaning migrants flock to camps around the northern ports of France where french and british cops check their situation.
It's been very clear from the beginning that in the eventuality of a Brexit, France will reconsider this agreement, which means the migrants might no be kept in France any longer and the migrant camps will move beyond the channel, around the sourthern ports of England.
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You must construct additional pylons.
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Re: Britain leaves the European Union

Postby OjitroC » Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:54 pm

@Hellkeeper - That is very true and quite possible - which is why there may be resentment and disillusionment when it emerges that certain 'promises' or 'commitments' made on this and other issues during the Referendum campaign can't actually be delivered.
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Re: Britain leaves the European Union

Postby Dr.Flay » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:35 am

Crap, Jack is correct, I should not have posted this, as many people mistake that theatrical nonsense as politics (I guess it depends on what you are used to, it is not how politics is normally done here).
Yes I will have to lock this thread. I intended it as an apology for what the uneducated and the old people of England did by lashing out, and what is coming next, not a conversation starter.
The past few days just got crazy since I posted. I would have locked this before. Sorry.

I will write something further on my blog for those that want an insiders opinion, it will go into the politics, or rather the lack of any visible politics.
Normally my public opinions tend to be kept for the live radio, so people can hear when I am being serious, ironic, angry, sarcastic, etc. I avoid written political conversations, because angry people always read more into my words than I put there.
Doing it live means any listeners can call and tell me why I am wrong, or ask me to clarify something I said.
I did cover the event on my last show, so I may link a copy in the blog.

The referendum had nothing to do with politics.
It had as much to do with politics as punching someone in the face because you don't like the look of them.
This was pure fear of foreigners nothing more, nothing less.
The victory was for Xenophobia and hate.
We don't even have an immigrant problem. Compare the statistics and you see Britain takes in a tiny amount compared with the rest of the EU.
Most immigrants here, live in the cities.

The irony:
The places where you don't find immigrants are the most scared of them. The voting map showed that.
Britain is an immigrant country. Probably the least racially pure Euro country. Historically It is made up of the remnants of all the previous invaders and settlers, going back to the Celts, who were also immigrants.
The increasing fear factor used by the media, served to radicalise an Englishman into assassinating an English MP that had the opposite opinion to him.
Leaving the EU does not save us the money promised. We still owe it because we borrowed it. If we had not have kept borrowing so much, our bill would be smaller.

Right now I am so glad I don't live in a city.

Example EU leave voter explaining what she has learned from the media arguments.
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