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Re: Old E1L8

Post by papercoffee »

Leo(T.C.K.) wrote:Fuck off.

Unthankful bastards
Was that meant for me?
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Re: Old E1L8

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

"bastards" is in plural, duh

after you keep pestering me and belittling me about "buttons" that I can't see the same way you do in this environment...

You know, perhaps you should try and learn some philosophy lessons from me.

You ignorantly judge things from your pov because for you it's just those buttons and eh everyone on the internet must use the same mass marketed crap eh?

It is a sign of intelligence to realize that not everything you see is the same for others and vice versa.

I am aware of the fact. I am very much aware of how you see things. And that is my problem.

In a sea of ignorance it makes me the exception, it makes me the guy to point fingers at. And that's really really ungrateful.
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Re: Old E1L8

Post by TheDane »

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Re: Old E1L8

Post by UnrealGGecko »

TheDane wrote:
Show's over, mate. Go home.

2 week timeout for Leo, fix your RL in the mean time, as you really need to take a few weeks off from UT and the forums, and in the meantime know that rules are there for a reason.