E1L8 Background Part 3 (with ValentinCastle as download)

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E1L8 Background Part 3 (with ValentinCastle as download)

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

I will update this particular post later, but for now I will keep it to this set of documents from the rework developement. You will see how some ideas started and what was originally planned for E1P2:


Contains also a bonus in form of a draft for Legend of Sharighar...

I want to also add that what I said about ghosting in e1l8c out of that door, it no longer will work since the area I talked about was removed by yrex(which I didn't realize before), but it found its way into e1l8b anyway.

Also there are still continuing linker problems which turns out to be mostly due to the new way of removing levelsummary, so those maps will get it reverted for the next patch because most of those new maps are impossible to open in 225/ut without loading certain maps first and that's tiresome.

So expect a "linker patch" for e1l8 and then the full release including all of it plus the unreleased DM maps.

Update: This is the conversin of "OldCastle" the custom map for Unreal 0.84a that inspired E1L8D main part (with the addition of recreated screenshot areas).


EDIT: No this is not April the first joke map, even though there was one planned, maybe I'll release it later.