What could have been (U and UT)

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What could have been (U and UT)

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:34 pm

Seeing papercoffee's post in another thread saying "we could have got this but didn't", made me inspired to make this post.

So, as many of you know, there were actually many implemented features in Unreal (and in extent UT as could have been). Some of this we could have seen in mods since.

This is in no way a total list, just from the top of my head. This is only including features confirmed as having been implemented. Here goes:

Unreal Warfare/UE2 like terrain (we don't have any version having this however it was implemented in the missing periods and originally developed by DMA/Devil's Thumb for the N64DD version of the engine. a screenshot exists)
posessing and morphing into monsters (we saw this partially implemented in multiple prototypes)
running multiple maps on one server and possible to travel between them (was implemented via Gatekeeper)
Clouds cast realistic shadows on surfaces etcetera (only reimplemented in later engine versions)
"negative" lights/shadows and paralax mapping surfaces, also very old specular effects and bumpmap on textures
realtime changing of skins based on enviromental damage
Special weapon abilities:
separate zoom keys (imagine being able to zoom in with automag or enforcer for you UT only players, by pressing a separate button that doesn't just do "fov" but actually quickly pans in and out and lasts as long as you hold this zoom button) Imagine THATGUY running around shouting BOOM HEADSHOT while running around just with Double Enforcers on servers! BOOM HEADSHOT! BOOM HEADSHOT!
Closeup melee (if weapn didn't have a special anim, then it was still possible to use the weapon as melee if ran out of ammo, I imagine this must have been Cliff's thing, and he must have loved it, imagine him holding that chainsaw like weapon from gow but instead replace it with quadshot and KAAL goggles and t shirt saying "QuadShot-God!"

Then CliffyB would go around having a realtime quadshot model in his hands and shouting "BOOM QUADSHOT" BOOM QUADSHOT on the streets and cereal commercials having bigmen brutes and skaarj and quadshot and......

Ran out of ammo? It's time to Smash someone with the QUADShot while having the UNREAL CEREALS!

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Re: What could have been (U and UT)

Post by Neon_Knight » Sun May 05, 2019 10:35 pm

I was reminded of the eponymous trope, lol. (FTR, there's an entire page dedicated to the Unreal series)

Some of those I already knew (Unreal Warfare, UE2-like terrain.. is that from the UE2 tech demo video?), some others didn't... and some I didn't understood what was the point.

BTW, is there any source for this and the other bits?
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