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amd new platform

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Amd news:.The new platform amd uses is also with the new pci express 4.0, that means double bandtwidt.
Two times faster then regular pciexprees 3.0 (wich your videocard comes in.)
New processors are ryzen 3700 x and 3900 x .After a synthetic benchemark those processors with the new platform are faster then the intel
Amd built a whole new platform with new motherboard and processor from the ground up new, and yes they are faster.
In 2020 intel comes also with a new socket, the so called socket 1200 with afcourse also new intel processors and maby also with pciexpress 4.0 wich is new.
Those amd processors are even faster then the intel 9900 series.Conclusion amd is back!
The amd ryzen 3900 x comes with 12 cores, and the 3700x comes with 8 cores.


dutch website: ... troon.html

amd ryzen roundup english website.: ... ew-roundup

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