What would be more fun to hunt in MonsterHunt?

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Re: What would be more fun to hunt in MonsterHunt?

Post by Gustavo6046 »

How about docile innocent animals that become big monsters if they're not killed? (or you can somehow 'cure' them and they only grow in size and become sort of allies?)

Those allies would be weak, but their sheer number would be enough to balance...
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Re: What would be more fun to hunt in MonsterHunt?

Post by Dr.Flay »

I have mentioned the Chrek army and their potential.
Me and MrLoathsome discussed a lot of options and variables to give a wide range of opponents from 1 model that has a decent range of skins.
Thinking of them as a simple army helps imagine something similar to the relationship between the different levels of Skaarj.
From simple grunt cannon-fodder foot soldiers to the smarter more tactical officers.
Some spit venom and other use weapons.

Oh yeah and the most important thing is spider_phys so they climb over walls.