Weirdest Day at Work?

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Weirdest Day at Work?

Post by BadCorps »

What was your weirdest day at work?

I don't remember the exact date, but between August 15th and September 20th. I woke up went to work, I get my breakfast at work and sit down at my terminal. I start up my computer and open up my work programmes. I see a sharp spike in a search term, and by my work conditions, I must log it. I had not been too up-to-date on my modern memes. I choked on my drink when I saw that "area 51" had a 750000% increase in recent searches.

After several hours of utter shock and disappointment in the human race, me and my colleagues eventually learned about the "Raid Area 51" joke and scaled down the search histories to # of searches instead of % to avoid further incidents.
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Re: Weirdest Day at Work?

Post by sektor2111 »

Around 2011 I felt at once with a stair and I've damaged my right leg. 2 weeks I was in outage and at mid-time I could manage to fix it back myself spending the rest of time in recovery. All the rest of argues and/or discussions for me are like NONE compared with a physical accident. In that time I realized how bad is to be unable to move properly.
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Re: Weirdest Day at Work?

Post by Dr.Flay »

My weirdest day at work was around 1999/2000, when I made a box that went "BEEP!".
It was supposed to be a functioning computer.
All the parts worked when tested in another PC, but not in the one for the customer.
I swapped everything except the floppy drive for another new part, and it still just made a beep sound and nothing else.

After many hours I remembered it was an upgrade in their old tower, and found the extra metal pillar behind the mother board that was shorting the pins on the back of the RAM :facepalm: