Getting Blocked

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Getting Blocked

Post by Diego_HoF »

Okay, i don't know if this happens to you, but in my case i get blacklisted from the forum from time to time, it says that my IP got blacklisted by spamhaus and doesn't let do anything here.
Its annoy when happens and since i have a dynamic IP from my ISP, that can occur anytime, just to guys let you know, i know the forums got updated and this spamhaus is to stop the spammers but who knows if is affecting others too
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Re: Getting Blocked

Post by Dr.Flay »

We are using the akismet antispam plugin.
Unfortunately the longer people continue spamming the more IPs are caught up in it.
I often get the same problem trying to log into the ingame UT IRC

All you can do is ask spamhaus to remove the IP and explain it is a dynamic IP so pointless to block.
Obviously there are people on your ISP network that are spamming.
My only recommendation is to use a VPN or proxy when it happens.
I use SkyZip in chromium browsers but they never updated to the new plugin format for FF