My thoughts on King Kong vs Godzilla...

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My thoughts on King Kong vs Godzilla...

Post by EvilGrins » spoilers, only theory.

A common occurrance when simians and primates get into fights is they weaponize their own poop. They fling it at whoever they're fighting or annoyed with.

So I see it that in ongoing frustration with Godzilla's radioactive breath (which is probably quite stinky) at some point Kong flings his poop at Godzilla. Severely traumatized by this, Godzilla flees and disappears for a hundred years or so because he cannot live with the shame of others knowing he got hit in the face with GIANT GORILLA poo.

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Re: My thoughts on King Kong vs Godzilla...

Post by Red_Fist »

Japan invented Godzilla as a way to relieve citizens of Japan as a way to suppress hate against America and using the radiation from the nuclear bomb as a more fun and productive and still having more power over America, type of thing.
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