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NemesisNeS wrote: Tue Nov 30, 2021 8:19 am @rjmno1 Congrats, and yeah there are a ton of differences that GOG made so things can run smoothly. And with the guide to do some minor tweeking here and there, is also a major help. I honestly have been procrastinating about getting 469b only because I'm running some mods that will sadly only run up until 450. Hopefully I can fix that when I have some more time. Been messing about with Unreal Engine, C++, Python and tweeking UT99 to just the way I had it 7-8 years ago XD
If you have editing questions and version missmatch and programming questions you can ask higor or sector 2111 leaving a private message with these guys will do the trick.
Myself i,m not into programming, i dont have the skills for it, these guys have alot of skill and can help you forward with your version missmatch and programming skills.
You can ask barbie also for some editing skills.
Victor delacroix is a patch maker and version okaholic and he can help you forward also.He is active in the beyound unreal forums.
i hope this is good help for you. :wink:
Maby you already know this.
I,m only a siteadmin who works published on mine website and keeping up with the files some guys made on this forum.
keep up with the good works.
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