[Dreamcast] Help with ut file called entry.dat

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Re: Help please with an ut file called entry.dat

Post by Cass » Sat May 21, 2022 3:28 pm

got-shadow wrote:
Sun Dec 19, 2021 10:38 pm
NemesisNeS wrote:
Sun Dec 19, 2021 9:26 pm
@rjmno1 Okay, I kind of found similar things within the entry.dat file, but it still doesn't answer what the question at hand... IF got-shadow is trying to get a DC port of UT to run via the internet via a DC then he's s.o.l. but IF he's trying to port over the maps, sounds, textures, etc., then he should clearly state that. He's asking us to decode the file to see what is in it, which sadly anyone with minimal internet experience can do via a Google search. (Sorry if that came out harsher than it is, but I'm not going to sugar coat this).
Can someone help me with a file?
Its called entry.dat
I really cant decode this file.
Someone with ut experience can try?

To me and the rest of the community, asking for help and having this as what you ask doesn't help since there isn't a clear distinction of what you would like to accomplish. Anyone can decode this via a Google search as I stated, but then what is the end result of what you wish to gain? In all seriousness, why would you wish to decode the .dat file for, and what is the end result in doing so. I read posts elsewhere that guys were trying to decode and then port over content from console to PC was for naught. Unless he's looking to create an emulated system and run a simulated server that has the potential to run via the internet, I could understand then what the intentions are. Until then, I'd ask a mod to move this off topic please.
Calm down friends, for those who don't know I'm trying to revive the online function of this game on the Dreamcast. I managed to revive the master server, open the server, had some texture and map errors and all were successfully bypassed. No one has gone that far in this process. The player has successfully connected and appears on the map, but still needs some adjustments. What I was looking for is someone who could decode this content of these files for me, so I can keep trying to adjust the server. I'm sorry for having created three different topics, but it's because the mistakes of the previous ones were different and have already been overcome, some with private help from the same community. I am so grateful for all your efforts. Just ask for one last help with this decoding, contacting one of the developers of this version, he told me that this file is similar to engine.u with the same encoding and that the old unreal communities could help me. Thanks to everyone and sorry again.
As Xiden has said the DC community have restored online play to quite a few titles over the last few years - Quake3, Gundam, PSO, Alien Front Online (Which even has mic support)


The DC port of UT hasn't been cracked yet despite the efforts of some very clever devs. The public skinny on the efforts are linked below. Looks like some of the lads have gotten similar results to yourself. It might be worth having a chat or sending a pm. Who knows sharing your different insights might be a step forward however incremental. All the best.

https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/vi ... php?t=9825