Amateur Sprite Ripping or Amateur Ripping Sprites?

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Amateur Sprite Ripping or Amateur Ripping Sprites?

Post by LannFyre » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:18 pm

So I realized that I would need sprites for my mod so I decided, "Hey, I should use Xenogears sprites! That sounds like a good idea for isometric etc. etc. etc." Then I recorded some video in the debug room a while back and started to screenshot each individual sprite and pop them into GIMP. . . Good god, the sprites look awful and my art skills are even more awful. So here's a screen shot, when I get done I'll post each sheet as they come out. Basically they are all just traced hand drawn sprites that will be converted for Unreal textures to be loaded through a custom pawn based on movement (walking, running, idle, jumping).


Anyone wanna rip these sprites for me? I definitely don't make enough requests on this site as is :loool:
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