Looking for friends of <KzK>

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Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by [KzK]Meonik »

Hello all,
In loving memory, Matthew Corso 1980-Dec.2016
<KzK>□□E-Ho!□□ / <IZA> Event Horizon / e-ho-jem-sparkle

Was wondering if any of you have memories of my brother, or screenshots :)
If I get back into Zark should I be playing 99 or ut4?
And if Draymith, Steel, Sharton, Chuck, Seeyabye, etc still play

I stumbled across this yesterday...http://www.ownedwell.com/forums/viewtop ... f=48&t=448

And this

http://www.unrealkillers.com/showthread ... -Throwback

Much love to this community.
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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by Hook »

First - Welcome to UT99 :tu:

I myself do not recall about your brother.
I am sorry - and also very sorry for your loss. :|

I myself would have to say Stick with UT99. :wink:
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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by [KzK]Meonik »

Thanks Hook : ) and thanks for all your work keepin '99 alive and well! Wow!

I'm wondering if any of these names ring a bell
a list of names
[KzK] Faint, {eZs}seeyabye nordog, {IzA}Conan, GoD, Hairofthedog, {CzS}ConaSlayer, {eZs}NightGhost, Indoe, bobo, 2fast4u, 2swift4u, Reckless, rh's girl, IceXtreme, KillimusMaximus, {KzK}Murda.pinchepermaNomic, SpeedDemon, {HzA}Shorty, <KzK>Draymith, {FmZ}flan, {HzA}Illmatic, {FmZ}hxc_chic, {FmZ}HeadShot, {HzA}Hairy Nuts, {HzA}Chuck, {HzA}Russian {XzA}Thrice, {IzA}Death2U, {XzA}KamionKami, {HzA}Dazed, {HzA}Bab, {HzA}Zero-X, {HzA}FedEx, {HzA}UpS, and {XzA}FuryMag.
and perhaps if they still play?

Edit; for clarity the last time I played 99 was 2006, mostly zark, sometimes instagib or rockets
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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by Gustavo6046 »

[KzK]Meonik wrote:
a list of names
That does not ring any bells. That rings the church's bell!
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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by UT Sniper (SJA94) »

There is someone called Nordog that is on the unrealkillers discord server, been talking to bim for years, he's and instagib player.
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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by M-B »

Hey, I used to play Zark between 2003-2006 and was in {CZS} for a couple of years and {IZA} before that. I am really sorry to hear about the passing of e-ho.
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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by KzK ACE »

Ill check my old pc and see if I have any.
Look me up on facebook and I have Draymith as a friend.

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Re: Looking for friends of <KzK>

Post by rjmno1 »

{HzA}Shorty is a name i do remember a very long time ago. :tu:.I dont know wich clan he was in that time so to see now he is in hza clan tag, or forget to edit his name the last years. :rock:
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