MH: Removing a playerstart from map before it starts

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Re: MH: Removing a playerstart from map before it starts

Post by papercoffee »

sektor2111 wrote:I'm glad to see that my small naughty thing is helpful - Problem Solved.
LessTele3 is really good. :tu:
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Re: MH: Removing a playerstart from map before it starts

Post by sektor2111 »

Mm... nope... this is other thing, actually I did an actor intended for use in two ways: patcher - whatever spawn in desired map, or using it as ServerActor - if map is voted often. Solution decided was moving those wild starts from their place at beginning of map. Such things are doable but have to be tested well because this one does a "FarMoveActor", 4 custom playerstarts are moved (even if were bStatic) - I don't know if LessTele3 will affect this patching task because it aims playerstart types from maps - in this case are moved and then new starts might still mess up around - they are not enabled after all. For anyone using such ugly hacks is suitable to delay LessTele3 as the rest of toys used which don't need to be in game right from start. A lot of simple mutators can be started after 2 seconds without any single problem - I did this in MonsterGamingServer months ago due to patch plugins used by NavAdder which needs time to execute otherwise all iterations done in PreBeginPlay or PostBeginPlay will crash game. While some coders are thinking to speed-up codes developing iterations I went to... patience style. Allow everything to rush because we can modify majority of things even later. Last MH2 which I use has delayed movers tweaking and doesn't do any damage at this point - because of the same iterations problem. Right now I'm sitting down to think why all toys are rushing in PostBeginPlay because this is not necessary in all cases.

This map patched properly might be very good for MonsterHunt because it's not one of those maps with 10 Monsters and 40 Movers where are playing 20 Players arguing for kills and scoring.

PS: If I'm telling you something you won't believe me. Those doors flickering in Line with walls can be hacked as well 8) ... Mover can be moved away and KeyFrames relocated, even removed or added new ones... When a door was opening in poorly way I setup a party for a complete burial into ground...