U4E (Unreal4Ever) and some more general issues

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U4E (Unreal4Ever) and some more general issues

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playing a home LAN multiplayer game activating "U4E tournament" and "U4E player classes" mutators, very frequently there are some issues.
For example, the weapon called "phasor", sometimes appears in a graphically wrong way:
The right way is:
. When it appears in its "wrong way", is necessary to change weapon and then use the phasor again, to have it normal...

Another issue is this behaviour of pipebombs... this one highlighted in the red circle is not a weapon that can be collected, it's a "ghost", it remains for a while as a decal or similar, suspendend in the air:
Obviously the game is perfectly playable with those issues, but sometimes UT freezes. "Out of virtual memory" or "occludeframe"/"occludebsp" are the most frequent errors.
These memory errors are not necessarily related to U4E issues, but they could be (for example using QSG or green grenades or dollbomb because they created many effects or "fog"). When UT freezes, sometimes it crashes and sometimes I have to terminate it manually, into Windows 7 processes submenu.

When the problem is "out of virtual memory", unrealtournament.exe process size under windows is 1,9gb or even 3,8 gb of Ram (3,8 gb when I try with a modified unrealtournament.exe capable of mapping up to 4gb instead of 2gb) :
I don't know if it's actually an amount of memory issue, because I can't believe 2gb/4gb of "virtual memory" is not enough... and there is no 64bit version to test more memory mapping.

UT is 451b version and U4E is the last version ("Unreal4Ever Fortress", should be 612, since is an update of 602 version and a file called U4eTM612.U is present in the installation).
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