THUNDERBOLT mapping offer

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THUNDERBOLT mapping offer

Post by EvilGrins » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:25 am

A stretch back Tbolt offered his last map (he planned to stop mapping years ago) and offered it to anyone to see what they could do with it. Several took a shot at it and it's now on this forum thanks to Red_fist and others who made a thing of beauty.

Though he's mapping again, Tbolt is offering one of his previous maps up now to see what others can do with it.
THUNDERBOLT wrote:This is the previous version of the FairyValley map, it contains everything that you had created until then, have  all brushes, WORK VERY WELL,  feel free to put your creativity and use it for your project DM, MH or any modality, the only condition is that you include me in the credits, the SIGN that says "Original Idea THUNDERBOLT" should not be removed, and in the blank space you can include your name or nickname.
Here's the link - ... n.rar/file

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