What type of checksum is this?

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What type of checksum is this?

Post by PrinceOfFunky »

UnrealScript gives me this checksum:

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for the file "UWeb.dll" that is found inside the "System" folder, can you tell what type of checksum it is?
It has 32 characters so I thought it was an MD5, but the MD5 for that file is:

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UnrealScript creates a temp file of the original file, in this case the MD5 was:

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So I'm not sure if the first checksum I posted is not an MD5 or it is the MD5 performed when the file was on a different state.
Pheraps I did this procedure twice and the checksum was the same.

EDIT: Looks like that checksum is the only one that I get for every file, so now i wonder if that is the checksum of the file I specify or of another file.
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Re: What type of checksum is this?

Post by sektor2111 »

Bump, later indeed because I didn't see any reply
Perhaps is MD5 but... it's pretty useless for me, I'm not interested about stat-logs any and their checksums, and because source-code was pointed already in forum let me list what I could see:

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void AStatLogFile::execGetChecksum( FFrame& Stack, RESULT_DECL )

	BYTE Secret[16];	// Must be bytes.  Used by MD5.
	Secret[0] = 'M';
	Secret[5] = 'p';
	Secret[2] = 'y';
	Secret[3] = 'f';
	Secret[1] = '4';
	Secret[11] = 'd';
	Secret[7] = '9';
	Secret[4] = 'G';
	Secret[12] = 'D';
	Secret[6] = '6';
	Secret[9] = 'e';
	Secret[10] = 'J';
	Secret[14] = '1';
	Secret[15] = 'q';
	Secret[8] = 'k';
	Secret[13] = 'V';

	BYTE Digest[16];

	appMD5Update( (FMD5Context*) Context, Secret, 16 );
	appMD5Final( Digest, (FMD5Context*) Context ); // Outputs a 16 byte digest.

	// Copy each byte into a string of arbitrary character size. (UNICODE safe.)
	INT i;
	for (i=0; i<16; i++) {
		*Checksum += FString::Printf(TEXT("%02x"), Digest[i]);