Insane Combo Compilation #1

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Insane Combo Compilation #1

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UnrealRiderS proudly presents its first Insane Combo Compilation!

What's an insane combo? - Killing an enemy with a shock combo which was connected under demanding circumstances. This includes long time delay, fast movement etc. An insane combo is rewarded with an extra point on our server and also announced to the player with that awesome "Holy Shit!" sound!

After all these years playing the game, it has been the first time for me to be part of a video production and I must say that I really enjoyed it. Many thanks for our video producer Moonlight for putting the compilation together, and to BustaCell for his awesome combos!

(I hope this is the right section for it, couldn't find a better one :what: )
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Re: Insane Combo Compilation #1

Post by esnesi »

Awesome intense video!
Classic maps 8)