UT99 Polycounts?

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UT99 Polycounts?

Post by Marscaleb »

Is there a way to display the number of polygons being rendered in a given frame in UT99 or Unreal Gold?
I recall there being some detailed render stats in UE2 games, but the best I can get in UT99 is the "stat fps" console command, which has a stat for polys but since it tends to give me number less than 200, I don't think that shows me the polycount for the whole scene.
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Re: UT99 Polycounts?

Post by FraGnBraG »

stat fps - these numbers do not include mesh polygons
stat global - other dynamic values - possibly some relate to polygons...

stat fps was a good guide. if you go much past 400 polys/800 nodes ue1 on that meter the engine has problems.
The original ue1 is a rendering "fossil" compared to most games that came afterwards (post 2002, really)
There is a newer (more recent) version of ue1 though, which has better lighting i believe...
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