Welcome to the new updated UT99.org!

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Re: Welcome to the new updated UT99.org!

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You should see three buttons just to the left of your avatar - to thank someone click the thumbs up button (you have to be logged in of course).
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Re: Welcome to the new updated UT99.org!

Post by papercoffee »

EvilGrins wrote: Thu Jul 16, 2020 4:40 pm Question: I periodically see someone thanked me for a post in my notifications, but I don't see any options for thanking others for their posts when I look through threads.
I primarily view this forum on a desktop computer, is this more of an option for mobile devices?
Nope it's THERE
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Re: Welcome to the new updated UT99.org!

Post by esnesi »

A RSS feed with new threads only, would be awesome for discord.

This one gives notifications on all thread modications, like replies and such.
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Re: Welcome to the new updated UT99.org!

Post by Chamberly »

Sure, a new channel that is set for RSS only and read-only would be good. That way I won't be missing anything if it slipped through my browser.
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