Need a new NGstats

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Need a new NGstats

Post by EvilGrins »

While I realize the online version is kinda kaput, I could still use it locally.

Here's the thing, my Unreal Anthology version of ut99 doesn't have NGstats in it and I would kinda like to be able to still use that... so is there a place I can download it for use, or something similar I can use?
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Re: Need a new NGstats

Post by Deimos2k21 »

Hi, I have the same question, I found out that my old copy of UT still has the ngstats function, but apparently the whole game is not working on the v4.00 today, at least not on my system, by applying the v4.69 patch the game got back to work properly, but the ngstats voice on the main menu isn't present anymore, I guess because the main web host for world wide stats is dead and gone... In theory, the dedicated program is still able to process the local logs of the game, but for me it did that only once, generating a local webpage with some stats of one single match I played, so it should be working.
The problem is, it generated that page only the first time, after that it never worked again, although I'm effectively creating logs while playing.
The page created isn't even PHP, so IMO the issue must be in the ngstats function itself, because it does not process the logs for some reason.
I'm taking a look at UtStatsDB, but that program requires Apache and PHP servers, but if you have a good grasp on how they work, you can put your stats on a web space, or have them locally. Unfortunately I've not able to get it to work yet, can't figure out how to point at the logs for being processed, plus the last version of that prog has the link broken, I'm trying the 3.0.6 version, but no luck so far.