New Zealand housing is fucked.

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New Zealand housing is fucked.

Post by ExpEM »

I'm a 32yo dad of two. Before covid, it took me 6 months to find a shitty two bedroom flat. Now, the government has implemented new laws to "bring flats up to scratch" aka. No landlord is willing to pay for the required upgrades to rental properties. So, now we have a housing crisis on top of a housing crisis. Coupled with the buyer's market... average cost to buy is half a million. And banks dont want to lend after 2008.

New Zealand housing is so horrifically broken. My fiancee, myself and our two kids are living in a hotel, paid for by the government because no landlord will rent to a family with kids. We already gave my cat up for better hopes of finding somewhere to live.

Fuck New Zealand housing. Fuck foreigners buying up all the houses. Fuck the government for only catering to the rich.
/end rant.

In other news I figured out how to fix my cyberdragon, now I just need to rewrite everything from scratch...
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Re: New Zealand housing is fucked.

Post by Que »

Yeah bro she's hard.. we were lucky to get a 4 bedroom place for under $500/week in the suburbs 5yrs ago and our landlords are great we have a small dog ,a fat cat and 2 teenagers. In 5yrs our rent has only increased by $45 so now $535! When other 4 bedroom houses are up around $700/week.
Our daughter who lives in Newtown/Wellington pays $600/week for a 2bedroom apartment not much bigger then a 1bedrom place. No parking in the middle of town.
National started this housing crisis when they went out and sold all the Housing NZ properties to real-estate tycoons. On top of which they knocked down perfectly fine "Blocks" of flats which housed 30-40people and replaced them with upmarket 2bedroom apartments forcing lower income families to bunkup with other already struggling families.
Hotels are filled to the hilt and the govt is wasting a shitton of money keeping people there.

Just looking through TradeMe now and there's not much available in the wellington region 2bedroom 'Shitty' places going for $400+ p/week. 72 saves to watchlist which means landlords can be picky & choosey on who they want to live in their lavish spiderweb/mould infested dungeons.

Anyhow if/when you get a chance. Come join us on our server sometime and release some stress.we usually on from around 7pm-9pm
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Re: New Zealand housing is fucked.

Post by RocketJedi »

Reminds me of the honest gov ads here ... 4R3Q0kst_g
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Re: New Zealand housing is fucked.

Post by Red_Fist »

Back in 1982 our house was $52,000 a 3 year old house, now all these houses are $189,000 to $240,000
Three bedroom ranch, unfinished basement, rural-ish - suburbs, but so much stuff has been built, so stores are close, AND they even send kids to school all year in our county. I mean we have houses all around, not so far out like farm land.

We always had a dog, 3rd dog now, fenced in yard.

Yard is pretty big, just ask my walk-behind lawn mower, aaaarg. LoL

Without any bills , our tax is about you have to save up, $220 a month, house is paid off now. So I guess rent would be $55 a week, if it was rent.

The house payment were different in time, but was about $500 a month

Michigan USA.

I am only posting this because I think that so-called "rent" crap is price gouging total rip off, FAKE prices, greed, sick. Too rent around here is like $700 to $1200 a month. still WAAAY to high, so disgusting.

Hey move to Michigan, we have that huge ass lake Michigan, fresh water ,so you could still get that water Island effect, LOL.
Stay away from Detroit area by a county or two.
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Re: New Zealand housing is fucked.

Post by TexasGtar »

I heard that the cost of living there is outrageous. Hope that things get better for you soon.
At least you have the hotel for now. Hang in there. Keep trying. Something good might be right around the corner.
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Re: New Zealand housing is fucked.

Post by ANUBITEK »

Hang in there lad, have faith and surely something is to break your way.
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