[REQUEST] Mod Menu Extension Upgrade

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[REQUEST] Mod Menu Extension Upgrade

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YO! :)
I'm installing Mods/Mutators, and using Wormbo's Mod Menu Extension.
I think the mod will crash, if I keep continue installing mods and can't load the stuffs, because the menu window is too short.
So the question is, somebody can upgrade this mod to make the list more longer, or upgrade the mod, like opening all the Mods/Mutators in another window?

Mod Menu Extension (zipped UMOD version, 41 KiB)
http://www.koehler-homepage.de/Wormbo/d ... ion111.zip

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Re: [REQUEST] Mod Menu Extension Upgrade

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That looks fine to me - I don't think you have a problem there. The Mod Menu Extension will just keep adding submenus when needed.

If you have mods you don't use much (or at all) it might be an idea to comment out the line containing 'UMenu.UMenuModMenuItem' in the .int for the Mod and then it won't show up in the Mod Menu thus saving space. There may be some that aren't really worth having there as they have so few configurable options and these can be altered in the relevant ini.
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Re: [REQUEST] Mod Menu Extension Upgrade

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Turn the screen 90°. :lol2:
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Re: [REQUEST] Mod Menu Extension Upgrade

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I think that actually the Mod Menu Extension could use an update.

Here's an idea: when there's more than a set amount of mods, say for example more than 20, auto-group them into submenus, like A-M and N-Z when there's 20 per submenu and then further calculate and split to smaller intervals like A-D, E-H and so forth when there's enough mods to accomodate such a need.