[333networks] Testing embed banners

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[333networks] Testing embed banners

Post by Darkelarious »

Hey everyone!
We just started experimenting with a feature we have been thinking about for a while. There is a first attempt now that obviously still requires some work. The technical part seems to work now (we can generate images directly from code!) and its a good moment to start talking about proper design of the banner itself.

However, there are still a few hickups that we haven't figured out. Like BBCode: for some users it works and for some it does not.
Update: as it turns out, some browsers do not allow (embeds from) non-https webservers. Like any good host, 333networks uses https for almost everything, except this little dev corner. I now added https to the dev site too, and suddenly the banners started to load fine.
So here we are with a little test thread. In this thread I hope to post (to prevent doubleposting they will probably be edited posts) a few test banners that are generated in realtime. I hope some of you who read this tread can comment on a) whether the banner actually shows or not and b) what you would like to see on the banner.

For feedback:
We'd love to hear what you
  • like about it;
  • do not like about it;
  • could be better;
  • is missing.
So far there are plenty of ideas, which means that we will need to make choices. Consider the size, content and performance while generating the banner. I will be checking this thread for a while, and otherwise we welcome you to join our discord.

For testing:
Do you want to see how this looks for your favourite server? On http://dev.333networks.com/ you find the masterserver list as you're familiar with. However, the dev version has one additional link at the bottom. This leads you directly to the banner. If you want to try this banner on your own website, use the following code, where you substitute our example server with the link to your page and banner:

Code: Select all

<a href=http://dev.333networks.com/ut/> <!-- link to the PAGE -->
  <img src="http://dev.333networks.com/png/ut/" alt="test banner" /> <!-- link to the BANNER -->
Now I'm testing some embeds/links here, in the format URL followed by image. If the image does not show up for you, please let me know and attach a screenshot if you can.

1) dev.333networks.com/png/test.png edit: works, removed!

2) dev.333networks.com/png/ut/ edit: works, keeping for demonstration

We should be seeing two images above, one with the 333networks logo and one with the server banner. Let me know!
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Oh, and we still are ready to receive donations. The url works, right? It doesn't seem to be doing anything...
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Re: [333networks] Testing embed banners

Post by esnesi »

I would love something like this after seeing the Gametracker banners for all these years.
I hope a few creative minds from here could create some different themes for these banners.
Could a countryflag of the host be visible in the banner ?

Furthermore, awesome work. Nice seeing an alternative to this once.
*set the 333networks banner on the FFN thread! 8)
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Re: [333networks] Testing embed banners

Post by Que »


version 348?...


need this to play?

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ok so i joined server and refreshed page and the banner didnt update
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