Direct line jump pads?

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Direct line jump pads?

Post by ExpEM »

So I have been tinkering around with a new map idea which involves a 'slide' going up a slope similar to what I have in DM-EdificeDrift (viewtopic.php?p=118688#p118688)
This particular 'slide' cant be pathed in the same way as DM-EdificeDrift unfortunately and swJumpPads are out of the question due to how they act, aka swJumpPads always form an arc to land on top of the destination.
Has anyone done pathable jump pads that travel in a direct line I could use?

I have a very very (very very) crude mash up of swJumpPads and kickers working to make the map playable in the very least but it should all be worked out on the fly at run time like swJumpPads to make sure we don't break the bot AI and make it available for the wider community to use as a whole.

Any help appreciated please and thanks.
(also that baby is now 3 ha)
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Re: Direct line jump pads?

Post by sektor2111 »

I don't expect Pawn with Physics PHYS_Projectile unless some very polished stuff can do that and reverting physics back correctly - a sort of Teleporter if you ask my opinion... I'm not aware if those physics are working out of projectiles but... it's just my two cents and I might be completely wrong.
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