Ripper MK 2

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Ripper MK 2

Post by Aspide »

Hello everybody, I made a mutator that replaces the original Ripper with a more powerful variant, this version looks and sounds the same as the original but there are some differences:

-Primary fire: it deals more damage and it also goes through enemies, so one blade can potentially kill more than one player.
-Secondary fire: it deals more damage and it can be guided with your crosshair.

This mutator was done because I always thought the Ripper is the only weapon in the UT arsenal that needs some improvements to make it as deadly as the other weapons :D .
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Re: Ripper MK 2

Post by Old UT Veteran »

Just tried this out. Pretty cool mutator.

The primary fire seems a lot more scary for sure. A player can die from a single disc that is not a headshot.
Felt like I had to be extra careful to avoid being close to walls. If a bot fired a primary disc and hit me when I was close to a wall, there was a high chance the bouncing disc would hit me again but this time in the back. Maybe its even too strong but I like it when weapons force players to adapt their environment to benefit them.

As for the secondary fire, I like the idea of the homing system. I never seen anything written up about why Epic didn't give the ut99 ripper that feature. In unreal, that feature existed. But I guess giving it fast explosives also works.

A lot of people seemingly (could just be me maybe) hate on the ripper, but I think its more of a utility weapon. If you know how to use it, it will be deadly. I've seen players boost using its alt, best showcases of map control often came from the usage of ripper bouncing discs.
Also, the ripper has a crazy ability to basically kite and juggle players its fired at. The default ripper explosions on their own have a lot of kick, and the players launched by them have no control while in the air. The homing element makes this easier.

There are a lot of proficient players with it imo. When I do see these crazy stunts performed, I think it can be kind of overpowered by default :mrgreen:
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Re: Ripper MK 2

Post by papercoffee »

I play mostly with the Damage-mutator where you can adjust the bouncing impact and the self inflict damage ... and I used the Ripper low profile rocket-jumps.
Now I have to test this new version.
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Re: Ripper MK 2

Post by darkbarrage99 »

this is a lot more fun than the default ripper, but for the sake of balance I think it might be beneficial to lower the rate of fire for the primary fire and/or reduce the number of bounces for the primary projectile to compensate for the additional damage and going through enemies.

Right now it's kinda like the saw ballista from open fortress on crack:

not saying make it as slow as this, but like maybe make the rate of fire match the alt fire? just a thought.