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Re: X-Pickups

Post by Dr.Flay »

I've had time to have a bit more of a play.
The pulse rifles being swapped with stingers seems to vary from map to map, so I think this is a mapping issue to begin with. I haven't had a poke through the maps with the editor, but I suspect I will find old Unreal weapons in the problem maps.

I just noticed another Chaos issue with X-pickups, which I didn't spot before. This may be the same issue as the rifle!
With the Chaos mutator running, the Redeemer is supposed to swap or cycle between other super-weapons, but with X-pickups running it just stays as the Redeemer.
I'm guessing maps with the the X-swapper built in will have the same issue. I'll have to have a look at some of the CMP2-UTR maps.

One thing I noticed that still seems to work fine with Chaos and X-pickups is the cycling of the Flak cannon to Claw/Grapling-hook, so I think if the Super-weapon issue is do-able, that should be the main issues dealt with, unless anyone has noticed anything I've missed?
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Re: X-Pickups

Post by Feralidragon »

Well, one thing is pickup per pickup, once the mod replaces 1 pickup for something else to rotate between pickups, then I must say that X-Pickups is not prepared for that, so it may or not work depending on how Chaos mutator does things, and the same "simple" fix may not apply.

Also, the only difference I see between those 2 swappers is that in X-Pickups the Redeemer has a spawn delay, that may be the problem for Chaos and X-Pickups to handle those swappers, perhaps.