|u$| Unreal Soldierz!

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|u$| Unreal Soldierz!

Post by jayy48210 »

hello all my name is jayy, me and killakeller is admining a clan, new but good clan :) 13 members and growing !

were a tdm, dm , insta, ctf, and assualt clan, very friendly and helpfull :) our server is here


our forum is right here :)


if u think u got wat it takes to join then come on in the forum :) we r accepting all ages and noobs, pros etc is welcome too :) i'm |u$|toxic

we r recruiting so feel free to join our forum :)

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Re: |u$| Unreal Soldierz!

Post by Chamberly »

I clicked on the link, the site must be down?
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Re: |u$| Unreal Soldierz!

Post by papercoffee »

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Well I think the community is gone. Or you can try google to find them.
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Re: |u$| Unreal Soldierz!

Post by JackGriffin »

I talk with Keller some and yeah, they are gone.
So long, and thanks for all the fish