Nali Weapons 3 - Release

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Re: Nali Weapons 3 - Release

Post by UTNerd24 »

Ok last questions. For oversurrections that require a flat surface (The Executioner, IRPR, MML) What if the projectile were to land on a wall or ceiling? Would the object stick to the wall accordingly? And what exactly IS the Mine Layer's Oversurrection? A Cluster Bomb or something?
Could you please show what an activated Oversurrector looks like in third person? It'd be a shame if the rings were client sided.

And that wraps it up. Upon the mods release i'll start work on a video called "An Ode To Feralidragon" which will be a tribute towards your "Departure" of modding.

Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.
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Re: Nali Weapons 3 - Release

Post by Radi »

Hi FeraliDragon, Maybe it is repaired now or not, just posting for sure:
Im played DM-Barricade and after fall off from map with Megaton key in hands my game crashes or just freeze. Easy to reproduce.

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Re: Nali Weapons 3 - Release

Post by Feralidragon »

- The oversurrections do not spawn on ceilings. The projectile itself detects the different situations, and changes its own trajectory if the end point is not suitable to spawn the oversurrection. For example, if you launch the oversurrection of The Executioner towards a wall or a ceiling, when reaching a minimal distance from that wall it will stop for a moment and change its trajectory to safe ground.
- The Miner oversurrection is the timed spread of mines through a big territory (starts covering a small area, and as long as it's active it widens up). Once they're deployed they start to blink a green light, and once triggered by the enemy, they explode.
They have however a max amount of time set, so at the end of that time they will explode nonetheless, thus the ending effect of tons of explosions coming out of nowhere.
- The oversurrection firing effect can also be seen from third person in full. :)

@Radi: That crash is fixed in the final version. :)