Teamspeak and clans

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Teamspeak and clans

Post by ThreeHourShower »

Does anybody still play in a clan and/or use teamspeak or even ventrilo? just got back into ut99 and was wondering whats going on now, I used to be in a clan called TUS, tactical unreal snipers. I remember thrill kill klan and dont fuckin blink and quite a few more, but they dont seem to be around anymore. where is the place to be nowadays folks?
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Re: Teamspeak and clans

Post by Chamberly »

Hey! Yes they still do, some of the sniper clan is still around. Some of them play on fraggednation.

Here is a few link if you want to look around. Some clan have webpage/forum. ... treme-1369
I haven't heard much about TuS, seem like I can't find their forum.
TKK doesn't have a forum or server anymore... sadly.

]TKK[Chamberly :)
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Re: Teamspeak and clans

Post by Dr.Flay »

*Moved to the clan section*

Welcome back to UT and welcome to the site.
There are still plenty of clans and many host VOIP.
You can search sites like Gametracker for UT servers and even Ventrillo etc.