This forum sucks

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Re: This forum sucks

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I've seen you on the funnel server you mentioned a while back and to be honest some of your comments/chat there were pretty dam disgusting.
This forum is one of the last few decent UT forums (probably the best one) and so with respect and from reading your posts on here, the problem is with you and your attitude.

You say this forum sucks? Great, no problem. No one says you have to stay here. Why not go somewhere else? Start your own forum? You seem to have all the answers.

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Re: This forum is awesome

Post by Chamberly »

This forum is great, IMO.
There is the reason why I consider it great.

[*][/b]Despite not having enough issue with rule breakers on the forum, low staff monitoring the forum know and enforces the rule in a good manner. Some may have a hiccup but they do learn quickly and acknowledge the contribution of said thread and not screw it up.

[*][/b]Site admin @Shade does well with his set up of the forum (forum perks such as smilies, formatting content, private message feature, etc.) and contributing his knowledge of HTML and other web dev things to keep the forum under control with security and updates as well. Keeping it up for years even with some help of donation makes a difference in the survival and stronghold.

[*][/b]No constant forum design change as this is something I like, don't have to deal with something new if something is not broken and the site is rather easy to navigate.

[*][/b]Load of the user supported, submitted, feedback, helping on many varieties of UT contents. Configuration contents (.ini, etc.), developing contents (map, mod, mutator, media, coding, etc.), and trick contents (secrets, tips, tutorials, etc.) are just the big factors that supplied the information on the forum here against many other. While it may not cover every single thing, however, those can be added! & then there also have other advertising factors such as clan information and other forums.

I think I covered everything. This is for the positive, leaving out the drama, and encourage something new. It's there to find something. Either use it or abuse it, there is no stopping of this forum.
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Re: This forum sucks

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Smartheads jump in with utter idiotic comments,
Like this :loool:
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Re: This forum sucks

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it is difficult for me and anything that has not already been said by others.
This site is fairly self-regulating as there are plenty of members that talk good sense and give good advice.

You don't like what you read here, but you also don't make great reading either :noidea
It isn't even in the correct section :shock:
Moving the thread to Suggestions Criticism and Feedback.