Webadmin Socket - Spawn Protection

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Webadmin Socket - Spawn Protection

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Hi People,

I finish the server for UT99, but i have only 2 problems.-

1) When you are browsing in the Webadmin page, the console register this errors - If i stop to move inside the webadmin stop to log this errors:
Log: Close: Error while attempting to close socket.

2) When you start a play, I have Nexgen, works OK and protect the spawn for 10 seconds (or anything I put) but in the messages I see "your protection finish" and the sound of a bird :tongue: - The protection works with the Nexgen but I don't know from where im getting the message of "your protection finish" after 1 or 2 seconds of respawn.-

Was a part of the generic text I put in the add-on [ServerAdds.ServerAdds]