SkyRim - Elder Scrolls (A timely Alternative)

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SkyRim - Elder Scrolls (A timely Alternative)

Post by Wises » Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:35 pm

Hello all, just thought I would post here a Game in which the community may find quite interesting.

Iam sure you have all heard of this 'Awesome' Game which is an 'Action Role Playing Game' from around 2012..

why Iam posting this is because due to the Unreal Engine as we know it being pretty much ... developers maybe looking for some kind of alternative vent
much similar to our world over here.

in short the engine itself for Skyrim is far superior to this one .. however it requires a fairly descent machine to run it but not as demanding as the new UT4 engine.

for example it runs quite nice on an old i5 with a Intel HD4000 Card.

what is impressive about this Game is the shear number of 'Mods' and Immersion!..

using tools like Mod Organizer combined with Loot , Fini's , and Tes5Edit you can achieve some awesome , and I mean awesome combinations.

if you have the game along with the DLC's Hearthfire , Dragon Born and So Forth then the World just gets Bigger and Bigger.

there is more action in this game then in your bedrooms guaranteed.

for those that deem themselves 'Technically Savvy' then highly recommend going through the S.T.E.P process to AMP it up to something Phenominal.

for more info on S.T.E.P :

I think that once you have a play with this thing.. you will become attached..

few thoughts for those who maybe interested;

- port UT99 movement Dynamics to SkyRim
- Weapons and Arena's
- What ever else you can think of as the 'Sky' seems to be the Limit.

all that is required is a free Nexus account and ure on your way.


The beginning of the STEP process is long winded but essential to progress so read carefully and download the required apps ie; Mod Organizer.

Once you get the hang of it and how easy it is to Mod and What you can do ... Iam sure you will also become a fan.